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9 Muses Hotel - Kefalonia Weddings

Wedding holidays in Greece

There are several reasons that could make your wedding at 9 Muses Hotel in Kefalonia Island, unforgettable.

The sunny weather is always a good ally, letting us, organize an open air wedding under perfect conditions, for you. Your guests will be able to have a wonderful time combining summer vacations in an absolutely beautiful island, and the joy of a romantic and special marriage.

The local traditional wedding ceremony, is very modest and touching, and the surrounding of our chapel, breathtaking. After the blessing ceremony,Avra Restaurant is ready to deliver an excellent dinner for you and your beloved persons, by the sea.

You and your partner can afterwards have an amazing time combining your marriage with your honeymoon. Kefalonia is an exceptional place, ideal for couples, and you will simply love the idea of getting married in a blessed island, making the memories last for ever.

9 Muses Hotel will take care of everything, as we can provide top quality accommodation, and host you and your guests in top quality rooms and suites. We provide also very competitive prices, which in most cases are much lower than a marriage in the UK or other European countries. The total cost including simply everything it needs to have an unforgettable marriage, is very tempting.

Please feel free to contact us via email or telephone, and we’ll be happy to inform you about any inquiry you may have.